Mario Kim

Pastoral by Vertigo & CURATED MNGMNT

Presented by Vertigo – Lorin Mai’s multicultural fashion brand.

Separated from her Kurdish relatives, Lorin is fantasizing about their lives through the lens of her fading childhood memories: echoes of emotions, smells and vibrations.

Pastoral is a visual poem where the brand's garments meet meticulously arranged sets and a subtle audio landscape. This sultry reverie combines portraits and VHS flashbacks which depict Syrian everyday life — the main source of inspiration for Vertigo.

brand Vertigo
editor Ismail Guluev
director Georgiy Kazakov-Pokrovsky
set designer Alexandra Budarina
written by Lorin Mawhee
colorist Andrew Bushmin
Pastoral poster woman looking through a curtain woman laying on a carpet backstage photo of the production team
two men sitting on a sofa light in the studio sweating man sitting on a plastic chair woman filmed through a corridor

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