Mario Kim

Feral Beasts

"Feral Beasts" is a story about my inner self.
Meateye* has always been the main external part of my personality, but there is much more behind it.

For many years I have been trying to overcome my "abrasive" side, full of laziness and lust, pride and aggression.

For days I lie on my belly, while snapping at the word "slacker". Greed in me triumphs over love. My teeth grind when someone doesn't pay attention to me. I am a weak, vicious person, dependent on lower needs.

People close to me condemned me to a "dog", much in me showed signs of canine rabies.

Of course, I did not feel like a dog at all, because when moving around I jumped on two legs from a half-squat, and this is more typical of frogs and toads.




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